Sunday, May 27, 2007

Beautiful Sunday morning

It's been raining overnight (something that Brisbane has not had in a while) so everything smells fresh and its just so slightly humid again. I went out last night so have a slight hangover though I was pretty 'controlled' with the drinking. Today is going to be another lovely sewing day!

Here's what I've created this weeekend:

This is the first little purse/clutch I have created and yes, I plan to do more! This was created from the remnants of the groovy "Enchantment" print that I had. I've created 2 other bags in this print - now its all gone... boo hoo...

And I thought I'd share the wonderful Janome sewing machine and overlocker. I should name them... Nancy (sewing machine) and Beryl (overlocker) - there.

I have bought two cute pieces from fellow artists. This is "Suzie Sparrow" by Betty Jo in Melbourne. She is a fabulous brooch made out of recycled lino and gorgeous vintage buttons. I asked especially for Suzie to be in reds, pinks and browns! Isn't she gorgeous?!

And this a cheeky monkey purse by Cinnamon Moon in Melbourne. I got her from

Time to get cracking on the next little lovely!

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Stephanie said...

I love that you named your sewing machine and overlocker... I haven't named my overlocker yet... any ideas??