Saturday, June 2, 2007

My overlocker was finally fixed this morning - the blade had to be sharpened after hitting a pin! I've been pacing for 2 days now without sewing (everyone keeps asking why I can't just sew with the sewing machine - but the overlocker is just too amazing!). So she is doing well now and I've made 3 more fabulous clutches which will be up tomorrow.

Photoshoot today with the fabulous Christy looking gorgeous with my bags and Liana's jewellery. Photos will be up tomorrow and Christy went home with one of my bags, 'Hippy Jo'. I did a swap with Liana (photos of her gorgeous jewellery tomorrow when its light) - but, so funny, she got so excited that she bought another bag!!!

Tonight its pouring with rain - so lovely!

This is a cute purse I bought from Cinnamoon Moon - its so cute and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

Very inspired today and feeling very creative. Only 6 weeks to go til I can create each and every day full time - making sooo many delicious handmade handbags!

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