Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Long lunches in Glebe

Back from a lovely long lunch in Glebe with an old girlfriend from Randwick Girls High, Jacqui, from all those years ago. Good old Badd Manors is still going strong and I had to have the baked ricotta cheesecake.... mmmm.... then we went to the Friend in Hand pub for a glass of "red" or "white"! Style!

Next Monday we move into our fab new place in Wentworth Falls. Just cannot wait to get settled there and enjoy the lushness of the beautiful Blue Mountains. Our furniture does not travel up the mountain til Wednesday so it will be a swag on the floor til then! Brrrr, it will be cold.

Thanks again for being so patient regarding bags. I have several thousand ideas swimming in my head (the more so with the wine!) and can't wait to get creating next week. There will be some exciting new ranges with some of the fab fabrics I've collected - all exclusive and individual of course.

I hope we won't be waiting too long to get online up there... it will be ala Cath 'Waiting for Telstra' I fear...


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