Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yo Mama!

Yesterday I sent off 2 newly created bags to a new womens magazine about to launch Oct/Nov. Of course I couldn't decide what to create for them, and created two instead!

'Mikka' (left) is the brown and orange one, that is original 1973 marimekko fabric and 'Yo Mama' (right) is made of a crazy green and brown ethnic/aboriginal inspired print which I can't date. They both actually looked good together so fingers crossed, they might use both! I haven't put them up to my website, both are $139.95 and have a few details to them. 'Yo Mama' has a very funky gold plastic retro buckle on the side - looks fab!

It's certainly very different managing our own business to being employed. And I think its a funny one to be home on your own every day (well, the dog is here) and playing with vintage fabrics! The next door neighbour has introduced herself and suggested coffee soon - fantastic, getting to know our new neighbourhood.

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