Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Bags akimbo

With 3 big orders this week, I'm busy. Can't complain though! Its wonderful. Here is my studio at the moment - there is stuff everywhere and I keep meaning to stop and do a big clean up to start again.

Very hard being a one (wo)man band - but its so fun to be able to play with gorgeous vintage fabrics every day. I got some great fabrics yesterday and they are flapping in the breeze now. I can hardly wait for them to dry!

I have decided to keep one of the latest totes to myself. She doesn't even have a name but is my favourite mix of warm colours. This is my tote hanging by our front door...

I don't know what era this fabric is but I have enough left for one or two clutches - then thats it! It sort of has an african look to the print but the colours? Hmmmm...

Only a couple of weeks til Hope Street Markets so madly preparing.

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