Saturday, September 29, 2007

Getting ready for markets!

Last night I sewed buttonholes and stitched buttons onto 25 clutch purses. I don't usually work in such a 'production line' style but its a week til the Hope Street Markets and have to get moving. The gals at Hope Street have announced there is some good publicity with Sydney Morning Herald and Channel 7's Sydney Weekender. It should be a wonderful 3 day event and hope you will be able to come down and visit!

21 clutches and new bag made this morning "Heidi"

New stock has gone out to Mrs Peel at Leura, NSW, Fanny's Flat in Talbot, VIC and Arthur's Circus, Melbourne. Here is a photo of some of my bags hanging at Arthur's Circus - lovely shot courtesy of Arthur's Circus blog.

I have the most horrible sore throat, head cold and can't stop sneezing. Steven has told me not to work this weekend and rest, rest, rest...

We'll see...

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Liana said...

I thought those bags looked like yours!!!