Sunday, September 2, 2007

It's Sunday - lamb roast night!

Getting chilly again as the sun sets. But what a beautiful day and an eventful weekend. I have finally sat down and started drawing up patterns for my bags, something I have procrastinated about but finally begun! And... done my tax, blah! Working for yourself is not so much fun as being employed for those reasons. But being able to create what you love, well thats special!

This bag is "Coolabah" - created on Friday. Its the most divine original barkcloth fabric, and its an Australian print!

Steven has just handed me a brilliant article in The Age:
"Enslaved to their passion"

One of the benefits of starting your own fashion label is that you can indulge your passion for the peculiar, play out your sartorial fantasies. On the other hand, there are drawbacks aplenty: working 12-hour days, six-day weeks; producing collections on a shoestring; fitting in the designing of clothes at the end of a long day; risking creative burn out; earning the equivalent of the dole; struggling to find local clothing manufacturers willing to take on your designs; competing with the cheap, mass-produced fashions that often come with a "made in China" tag.

All I can say is ain't that the truth!

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