Monday, October 8, 2007

Hope Street success!

I feel like a trainwreck but the Hope Street Markets were a wonderful experience, meeting lots of lovely people and some great sales!

3 days of marketing is tough going, but luckily there were free beer and food on the Friday night and an abundance of treats at hand the rest of the weekend. My wonderful partner Steven ran around getting whatever I needed - from pens and paper, to pastizzi's and more! We were both very tired driving back to the Mountains last night but its lovely being home again.

Jane Pollard
came up to say hi (and bought the 'Sophia' tote!) - and is a friend of Liana Kabel's in Brissy. Small world! She is lovely person with similar principles in recycling and design and hope to see her again.

And HAD to buy the most gorgeous little sewing scissor earrings from the gals next to me Made By White... aren't they so cute! They got lots of comments on Sunday.

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