Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ouch it hurts...

This new 'gym thing' of mine is definately a shock to my sluggish system. I am hurting in areas I didn't know existed. BUT I have a lot of energy and am motivated to go, even when Steven rolls over in the morning and says he doesn't want to go! So there!

Thanks to the buyers during my weekend "Tote Spot Sale"... I decided to have a 2 day weekend sale to see some totes go! It will be finishing 8pm tonight (Sunday night) with prices going back to the original price. It's quite fun to have something unplanned.

These are my latest 'must haves' and will purchase soon! Hatley gumboots from the USA. They are divine... and something that is quite necessary whilst drudging through misty wet greenery up here in the Mountains.

There are so many colours and designs... but pink with brown horses frollicking is right up my alley. They are about $50 USD and are on my wishlist for now.

Bagwise, I am currently developing another bag which will have a lot more detail - in a sort of bowling bag/weekender. This takes a lot of time to get right and source the finishing touches. Stay tuned... I'm hoping I'll have 2-4 available before xmas!

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