Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday night...

I have joined a gym today up in Katoomba - now, this is weird as I am the LAST person to do this kind of thing! I have finally decided its time... especially now I am working from home so don't even walk to public transport anymore! Nelly my dog and I still walk each day but this is new hardcore beginning for me. The Aquatic Centre up in Katoomba also has a beautiful outdoor 50m pool so finished off with some gentle laps. Since we have 3 weddings to go to next year, I think I should get motivated (though none of them are mine!).

I have just changed my website's look... again! This time I have used my bag illustration that also features on my new cards. Its fun to be able to change whenever I want, and am my own worst client.

Lots of new bags coming online this week... so beat the xmas rush!

And last of all, go to for graphic design and copywriting. (Website yet to have its own look - bear with me!) With both of our experience in design and writing, Steven (my partner) and I have decided to expand and offer this to local and interstate clients.

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