Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Up early...

Glory Bee - handmade handbags by kara

We had an intruder in the night so I finally got up at 4:30am. This intruder was rather intriguing to Nelly (the dog). I jumped up but couldn't find my glasses so Steven discovered a furry ringtail possum sitting on his beloved book collection in his study. Nelly was beside herself!

Once we all got up, he/she possum started to run and fling the books around quite a lot which got Steven in a spin, which got Nelly in a spin. Our poor neighbour, Mark, (who lives under our place) must have also been lying awake!

I wish I'd grabbed some photos - but possum finally went out the door via a huge beach towel. Then Nelly strutted around sniffing everything with her hackles up. So glad we have such a good 'attack' dog! She lies around when any person knocks on the door - but possums, watch out!

Yesterday I met two lovely women up here in the Blue Mountains. Charlotte came around in the morning and has an amazing collection of fabrics, but also is involved with opening a fashion museum in Rose Bay early next year. I got a couple of lovely pieces which will be made into bags for sale before xmas. These fabrics are very high quality english and american pieces which she collected years ago.

Then I had lunch with Angela who works for a fab interior/textiles company in Sydney. We ate at 'Fed' at Wentworth Falls which I highly recommend and you should stop there on your next trip to the Mountains. The funniest thing is that her partner and Steven went to school together, same year! And that Steven worked at Target with her when he was 15! Its a small world after all (singing now - delirious and must sleep).

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