Monday, November 26, 2007

Bondi Markets

Monday morning and I'm cleaning the house - stuff everywhere after a very big day at Bondi Markets. It was a great day and we met some fabulous people, got lovely feedback and best of all, sales!

I took some photos before it all got going. It was such a hot day, post election so everyone (including us) was sleepy and a bit of a late start. We will definately be going back there soon...

I made a 'kara smith' tablecloth from an old cloth that couldn't be recycled into bags because of its condition. Spent most of Saturday fixing it up, carefully ironing it, etc - to find it scrunched up Sunday morning... arghhh! It looked great though on my vintage ironing board!


Anna Laura said...

Wow, the market looks great Kara. Jodie from Meringue and I did Rose Street in Melbourne on Saturday, it wasn't too hot which was good though, the last few we have done was really warm.

The stall looks great, I know how hard it is to display bags, I'm still trying to work something out for my totes!

arthur's circus said...

It all looks great, especially your tablecloth / sign.
Congrats on a successful and fun market.

Kara said...

Thanks guys!