Thursday, November 15, 2007

Christmas gift ideas...

There are so many lovely hand-made gifts out there and I wanted to promote some of the work other designers in Australia are doing.

Perhaps you will see something here rather than your average store W-fields boring mart.

These great little Scrabble brooches are by Sydney designer Shelbyville and available for $10 (AUD).

Or this fun wishbone necklace - only $30 (AUD) for a gorgeous sterling silver wishbone threaded and stitched onto twisted silk thread. This piece is by Marisalouise.

This year I am determined to get my Christmas shopping this way. Of course, its not always practical to get everyone's present this way. But I like the feeling that my money is going to a creative mind that will be able to explore further with my extra dollars!

There are so many great designers offering gorgeous ideas for Christmas: try, and

Or check this out...

This fun find is on - it is a Kangaroo Salter for $26 (USD). The designer, Papafork, is in London. Check out his work... there are some very funny cutlery combos.

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Gifts are source of happiness to both - provider and recipient. Thanks for ideas

What a great idea! Trash to Treasure is always a good thing!