Thursday, November 22, 2007

New pattern & design!

This is my new design that will be available from now on - just have to make lots of them. Its called a 'ballerina bag' (from the skirt shape on the bag) and has a cute front pocket on the bag. I had made these a while ago but have finalised the pattern and refined it. The bag above is 'Antonia' and available from my site.

I have been slowly going through a lot of buttons given to me by my mother. She is selling her house so all sorts of goodies have come out. I just love some of these buttons. They are their own works of art and hard to part with or put on a bag!!!

I've just gotten a text from my sister... my nephew Eli has just taken his first steps! Cute!


Siany said...

Hi! Ive just discovered your blog and I think your bags are fantastic!! I like to 'pretend' I can sew lol! And the craziest thing about finding your blog - I live in Katoomba!!
Gorgeous stuff - I'll be back!!
xx Siâny

Kara said...

Thanks Siany! Aren't we lucky living in the Blue Mountains? I love it.