Thursday, December 13, 2007 friends

I wanted to show some of the clever work by other crafties - these are from groups on Above is Betty Jo's linocut and recycled button jewellery, of which I own a red, brown and pink Suzie Sparrow! I love her stuff!

Florence Forrest makes delightful one-off special toys. These guys are four Pimmie Parrots that are handpainted. You'd want all four as they look so cute together!

These cute baby shoes are by Spool Queen - so very, very sweet!

These beautiful Christmas hearts are by Not Yet The Dodo - made from luxurious wallpaper. So clever!

This stall is by Ladyfort - so much great stuff - taken at the Manchester Craft Mafia December Market... love to be there!


Florence said...

Thanks for the mention Kara :)

if people want to see more of my toys on flickr my flickr name is florenceforrest


SallyF said...

I'm honoured Kara :-) And also to be in such good company too *waves to Florence* Sally

Betty Jo said...

And thanks from me too!
Have a cool and crafty festive season.....
Liz @ Betty Jo designs

Kat Eyez said...

You make me smile!!! Thanks for featuring my booties! There are more where that came from. I am trying out new brocade fabrics in every color of the rainbow! You work has been evolving quite NICELY!

Jodie said...

Beautiful things , thanks for the links.

Kara said...

Glad to share the wealth of wonderful crafts out there - keep at it guys!