Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lovely gift from Made By White

This beautiful brooch - a tea cup and pot - was given to me by Lyndsay at Made By White at the Markets last week. I had mentioned I love pink & red and she turned up with this! Isn't it just so gorgeous... I've placed it on cute 50's seersucker. Thank you Lyndsay and Kelly!

I have been wrapping presents and can't find the sticky tape. But really, do we need it? I have used wool to wrap it and stuck a couple of cute heart stickers to hold the tissue down here and there. Looks ok to me!

Other than that, I am getting ready to go to Paddington Market tomorrow (Thursday). They are having a Christmas market at the Church from 2pm-9pm. This is a great way to grab last minute presents, and Paddington is famous for its great markets, so come on down!

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