Sunday, December 16, 2007

This weekend I have updated my site to include names and prices under each item in my shop... sounds straightforward but boy, it takes some time! This has also been updated in the wholesale area to make it easier...

I went to Lawson Markets today and finally met Freedom of Laughing Bird textiles with her gorgeous range of screenprinted linen tea towels. These are for sale on madeit too! Isn't it divine?! This one is for my mum and I just love the echidna and the vase of flowers.

Besides slobbing out and watching The Royle Family and People Like Us (series 2) this weekend, we are just getting ready for family and Christmas. I have spent Friday in the city as my grandfather was in hospital. He now has a pacemaker so will get lots of ribbing about his 'dodgy ticker' this Christmas.

There are over 20 new products added to my website now - with a final 4 ballerina totes being added this week - last chance to grab something for yourself before Christmas! Oh, and if you haven't checked out my newsletter on my site - make sure you do... this week I draw the winner of the fabulous Francoise ballerina clutch.

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