Saturday, January 26, 2008

Packing, design, sewing and ball throwing

I'm in the midst of packing. We don't leave til 4th Feb but there is so much stuff around - who ever uses it all? So far I have discovered a vintage dingo trap from Central Australia (an old flatmate left it), dusty board games and an omelette maker.

There is so much material to pack away but I get greedy - starting to pack it, then pulling it out thinking, "I might just make something with that before we go..." As if!

As well as throwing the ball for the nervous dog (well, nervous excitement - she really is used to us moving), I am designing a wedding invitation for my friend Jo in Rockhampton, sewing bags, freelance graphic design jobs and designing my Nana's 'memories'.

This is a pic of her above in San Francisco in the mid-1940's. I am honoured to help her with this and it's been a lot of fun to put together. I have discovered that my 80+ grandmother is one of the most web savvy people going. She receives her pdfs via email, checks them and sends me corrections. She has worked out how to use Word, download Adobe pdf reader and how to search for images for her 'memories' online! I think I could learn a few things from her!

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