Wednesday, February 27, 2008

7 things about me...

Yesterday I said I'd have the day off. I got sidetracked and started doing my application for Springboard. So much to put in and I have to look into a grant or scholarship but the deadline is March 10 so I have to pull my finger out! Any other creative people that are in homewares, accessories, etc in Australian design that might be reading this blog, I urge you to look at Springboard, though not if you are in fashion. It's a great opportunity and I really hope I get in! 

Last night I made a lasagna and it got the thumbs up from Steven. I am a stirfry, one-pot kinda girl so this required energy. I'm terrified of making bechamel sauce as it can go lumpy but it all worked!!! Steven has taken the leftovers to work so must have been ok.

It has been raining steadily since late yesterday with thunder rippling every so often. Do you turn everything off or only when there is a big bang right near you? It's not very convenient when you need the computer, overlocker and sewing machine!

Today and tomorrow: 2 clutches to be made to show a potential client on Friday, 1 Eunice handbag for another customer and get ready to head down to Sydney for Friday. Angela is coming over today for lunch and delivering treats. So better get on to it! 

This weekend my grandmother, 82, is unveiling her 'Memories' (memoires) for all the family of her youth in California. I have put this epic together for her - its about 140 pages with fabulous old photos. We have family flying in and she will be putting on a big lunch on Sunday to give it out. So I am going to head down Friday night to see everyone and spend a couple of days with them. My sister Ingrid and Justin are going to see 'Ween' so Mum and I get to mind Eli (14 months) who is the cutest little sweetheart in the world!

Better get going... but Kathleen has thrown this doozy my way so I will do it and taunt the next 7 people with it... hee hee!

7 weird things you don't know about me

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1. I was born with a birthmark right in the indent of my top lip. This was sort of a blood blister style birthmark and apparently as a wee one I would say to people, "what are you staring a
t"? This eventually dried up and faded. It now looks like someone took a cigarette to my lip and burnt it though it's hardly noticeable.

2. I failed sewing/domestic science at high school. We had a weird teacher who said, "Don't throw out old t-shirts girls, you can re-fashion them into underpants". It was horrible... 

3. I am a descendant of General Wade Hampton III (1818-1902), one of the wealthiest landowner (and slaveowner which seems inconceivable in today's world) families in South Carolina (on my maternal grandmother's side). He was a Confederate cavalry leader during the American Civil war and afterwards a politician in South Carolina, representing it as governor and US Senator. 

"Millwood Ruins", Wade Hampton Plantation. Burned Feb 17th, 1865.

Unfortunately we are not some wealthy family! As you can see, the Plantation was burned down and I believe these columns are all that stand on the property. One day I would like to go and visit there as there are many Hamptons in the area still. My grandmother recently sold surviving cultery and silverware back to a Museum in South Carolina where it is on display.

In the famous book, "Gone with the Wind", Scarlett O'Hara's first husband, Charles Hamilton, serves in Wade Hampton's regiment, dying of measles only seven weeks later. As it was fashionable (according to writer Margaret Mitchell) to name baby boys after their fathers' commanding officers, Scarlett's son by Charles is therefore named Wade Hampton Hamilton.

4. I was once married and now divorced. Steven and I have been good friends for years and I am lucky he was still around and still single!

5. I hate washing pans and will leave them soaking or sitting on the stove rather than doing them.

6. I talk in my sleep and yell out at imaginary people. Often it's a scary man in the corner that I am yelling out that turns out to be a lump of clothes piled up. Steven has stopped reacting to it.

7. Apparently, 'Smith' is not my real surname. A couple of generations ago on my father's side, my great grandfather was a bit of a trouble-maker down at Wooloomooloo. The police used to pull him up and 'Smith' was the name he used. I have been told that it could have been a german name originally. 


Anna Laura said...

I did a tag recently with the 7 things, last week. I struggle to do them every 6 months, so I might leave it! They are kind of fun, but I find it hard thinking of things which don't sound stupid!

I had a few in common with you (no I'm not a decendent from Wade, surprisingly!) but I cooked lasange the other day, my Grandma is turning 80 in a few weeks and I also hate cleaning pots! But now i am working from home and my rule is clean the kitchen FIRST I'm trying to get them done quickly so I don't have to waste time in the morning. That being said, last nights risotto dish is still soaking! But it is a Chassuer one and they clean up easy peasy.

Bec said...

Wow - that is so nice to do your Grandmother's memoirs! What a great gift both to her, and to the rest of your family.

Your seven things are great - That's so funny about your surname - I actually have a similar story. My great-Grandad had 'issues' with the law, so changed his name. And I'm with you on the washing of pans. Hate it. Which is fine because Matt hates washing small stuff, so I do the small fiddly bits and he always washes the pans and big stuff. OK, and making underpants out of old t-shirts is just plain disturbing!!!

Good luck on the Springboard application, and thanks for tagging me (I've added your name to the post as a tagger, so you can consider it done :P).

Kara said...

Thanks guys! So we all hate pots and pans. Anna, don't worry about doing the 7 things, its time-consuming and that so I understand.

OK, got to sew these bags. Its really overcast and cooler today in the Mountains. Just feel like lying on the couch with a quilt and watch ridiculous cable tv...