Friday, February 15, 2008

Custom order

I am creating a custom made tote/baby bag for a great customer in Queensland. Yes, she is great, she has bought a couple of my bags and is coming back for the ultimate - her very own individual, custom-made tote!

It's a lovely thing to be able to do. She wants this tote to be her baby bag so we are creating longer straps and different pocket design so its more useful for her. 

Firstly, the customer wanted to see some vintage / floral / cool tone fabric. So I picked out a selection of fabrics (above) to give an idea of where to start... it's always a good idea not to have too many as it makes it so difficult. She was set on number 2 (from left) but wanted to check warm floral tones - just in case (fair enough!).

Then I sent through this selection and kept her original fabric (3rd from left) in the photo so she could compare. This made her decision - she kept with her original fabric!

I still love no. 2 from left which was done this week as another custom order! 

Finally, this morning, I have sent through this photo showing some funky upholstery trim ideas to add to the bag. I think the gold would work, not the green. Just waiting to hear if its a 'goer!'


Then this baby can be sewn!

So, if you are thinking about your own custom design, contact me. It's a great way to have your very own designed bag... and very reasonably priced!

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