Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day off today

Buttons I received yesterday - large ones on ebay (up to 55mm!) and others from my aunt

The last couple of weeks have been crazy so today I am having a day off. Will do my blog entry then switch the computer off the day (as if!). But no, I must learn to stop and I find that very hard. There is a lot of crap tv on that I can watch and will take Nelly the dog for a nice long walk. The weather is perfect today in the mountains so no excuse!

Last night we watched "Transformers" (no, not my pick). But surprisingly, if you didn't ask questions about the stupid storyline, it was good. It was nice to sit with a glass of red wine and watch amazing digital animation. "Transformers" was my era, I remember boys watching it, but I kept asking stupid questions like "What's that one's name?" As if it mattered as they were all cars/planes/trucks turning into robots. But I did want to know each one's name! Also, I noticed that the bad guy robots (Deceptacons) had american accents but the good guys had english accents... very strange.

My commentary on that sort of thing is not appreciated though. I love looking at the details of movies and picking out things! Hee hee...

I had to find a photo of myself as a young 'un for someone in Victoria (more will be revealed later this year) and came across this one of me about 5 years old. It was my birthday party I think, or maybe my sister Ingrid's, not sure. But I thought it was a good one with my Joe Cool / Snoopy badge and wacky fake nose/glasses ensemble - what a riot!

Then I came across this one - which I was thinking about for my website. It's at Katoomba Station (where I now live, though not at the station) and would have been about 1988 so about 16 years old. I am on the left and my friend Jess on the right (who is now in the UK and is hopeless at keeping contact even though it makes me sad). We were right into rockabilly and Katoomba was fabulous for finding great bargains. A whole bunch of us would wag school and catch the train up for the day for scones and stuff, very nerdy really.


magikquilter said...

Can't believe it, thought the photo at Katoomba was from the fifties was from the fifties. You were always retro!

Arthur's Circus said...

My partner also brought home Transformers on dvd recently with me going uurrrgggh, but how funny I actually enjoyed it too.

Kara said...

It must be a man thing!