Saturday, February 23, 2008

I just had to show these cute booties by Pedrosprout from West End in Brisbane. I blogged about them for Madeit (helping them out as they are always so busy!) and really wanted to put them into my blog. These are soooo delicious and want to buy them for my nephew Eli, who is only 13 months, but is a big baby now and wears clothes bigger than his size...

Saturday morning was spent at Penrith. We had to get down there to borrow a decent digital camera (to do my workspace shots for a magazine) from Steven's sister, Louise (thanks!).

Penrith is great for op-shopping, and I picked up too many great bits of fabric. I should have taken a photo, but two 1960's bedspreads have gone straight into the washing machine as the weather is perfect - and something we have to use when its out and about in the mountains! One of them is HUGE polkadots (size of dinner plates) in brown and olive on a pumpkin background, which will make fabulous totes. The other is a 1960's kiddy print with clowns on it and great trim... I'm not a big fan of clowns as they always scared me, but its a great spread.

If ever you are in Katoomba and looking for a great place to eat, try Niche Nosh. Its the best vegetarian cafe (and I'm not even vegetarian!). Last night we went there for their south Indian Thali platter... absolutely delicious and the place was buzzing with locals, tourists, etc. Well worth a visit! Plus... they like Nelly (my dog) and feed her toast when we went there for breaky... so anyone who is a dog lover is pretty cool.

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