Thursday, February 7, 2008

In our new home...

Finally, we are settled enough to only have a dozen or so boxes to unpack and the house is taking shape. Yesterday I scrubbed the old house and handed back the keys - phew, that's over.

Of course, I now don't have any shelves for the abundance of fabric I have, so not keen to open it all up until I do. That will have to wait til Saturday when we can go 'off the mountain' to the big shops at Penrith. Busy weekend again... Thanks for your patience with orders and emails.

This morning I walked Nelly my dog to Katoomba Falls to check out the area. We aren't very convenient to Katoomba shops/train so I was a bit worried about it as we only have one car (and only want one car!). But there is a bus stop right outside the Katoomba Falls Kiosk which is so gorgeous - I can't wait to go out for lunch there.

The Falls are beautiful and unfortunately, like most places up here, not dog-friendly so had to turn back unless we felt like walking the whole way on the road. But it is a 40 min walk from the Falls to Echo Point (where the Three Sisters are) and what a perfect way to see them, and a great excuse to then have Devonshire Tea!

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