Monday, February 18, 2008

My new old art deco suite!

Oh boy am I happy! My beautiful and pretty much immaculate 3 piece Art Deco club lounge finally arrived yesterday (Sunday) from Goolwa, SA. I bought this on ebay and was sitting up til late at night to ensure I won it. But no one else bidded on it, can you believe it?!

The guys that delivered it (thanks Aladdins On The Move - highly recommended) were shaking their heads. They have not seen a suite like this in such good condition and when I told them I paid $350 they were stunned and reckoned I should get it to Sydney quick-smart where it would fetch $3000 in its mint condition.

Apparently it has been sitting in an Aunt's holiday cottage in SA for 50 years and was never really used. It is so stunning and I want to work out what I can do to protect it so that it doesn't wear out. Any suggestions?

Here is the fabric up close - it's a sort of bottle green with the palm fronds creating by cutting the plush (I guess?). I have had a look on ebay and have seen some bottle green vintage velvet curtains but I also like the idea of contrast (as you can see from my living room photo - very eclectic!).

Next will be a good vintage rug and art deco table to be in keeping with the suite. We picked up a fabulous wooden tall lamp that just needs a shade yesterday at Lawson markets here in the Mountains.


magikquilter said...

Love the colour and texture. Must have not done this right as it is not linking back to my blog...looks like I will have to ask my son after all.

magikquilter said...

Hey I fixed it!

Decogal said...

What a great suite. You have great Deco down there. The magenta pink with the green is fantastic, try using a lot of mirrors, round and geometric, find a vibrant rug with that great pink in it, maybe some plum. Of course, you will want to add some lighting effect with the old Frankart Nudie lamps, which justhappen to be that great shade of green. Bradbury and Bradbury have some great Deco wallpaper that has green lightning bolts and swirls. I love Deco. Keep up the good work. Lynell Robertson, Seattle Washington, USA