Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday night...

There are some good things to having your own small business rather than working for someone else. But it also means you might be working on a Saturday night! 

I have 2 more totes to do this weekend, 2 more standard clutches for Hutch (a new boutique coming onboard in Preston, Vic - stay tuned!), and ballerina clutch purses for Handcut. Above is 5 of them for Handcut, with another 10 to finish up before the weekend. The clutches above will also be available in my online store as there are 2 of each style. So contact me if you like any of them as it might be midweek before they are listed.

Yay! I have been featured (today) on indie art & design. This is a great weblog featuring products made by independent Australian artists, designers and craftspeople. It's here you will find signposts to many wonderful items, which are not easily found through search engines alone. 

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magikquilter said...

Hey love your cluster map, my son keeps telling me to leave the stats alone but I am addicted...when I do sleep I wake up thinking about them!!!! Belle looks gorgeous as ever and the bags looked okay too.