Thursday, February 28, 2008

Vintage fabric

Eunice clutch with vintage sparkly button.

Today I am making clutches. You will see a whole heap up online in my shop already but I need to show some tomorrow to clients in the city, and of course, nothing is good enough! So I just keep on sewing til I fall over...

Above is a selection of brown/green fabrics for a client to choose for her custom bag, to be completed next week. I just love going through them all...

1. HUGE polkadots – brown, olive and coffee on pumpkin background (this has fabulous chocolate trim that I could use on the top of the bag)

2. Vintage upholstery – cream background with florals in green and red flowers.

3. ‘Ganges’ - this is the name on the selvage. 60’s print, very pretty, coffee background with olive, orange, green on white.

4. Chocolate background with pretty floral detail – 60’s or 70’s

5. Vintage 1950’s/60’s recycled linen. Coffee background with huge flowers in all kinds of tones – warmish colours to it.

Vintage fabrics are just fantastic and I find it sad even traipsing through fabric stores nowadays... there isn't many gasps from me!

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