Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back home

It's Tuesday night now - we have been back in the Blue Mountains for a couple of hours. Sore, tired, but glad to be home. The rain is lovely and its cooooolllld.

Last night it bucketed down with rain at Wagga Wagga and didn't stop the whole drive back to the Mountains. It was lovely to hear the locals exclaiming about all the rain in the country towns! Today I picked up cute leopard print ballet flats for $3 second hand and a fab Sussan wrap cotton jumper for $7. The second hand places in country towns are really fun.

So far since we have been home I have written a grant application for Springboard, tried 400 different combinations to get the stupid washing machine going, and flung our stuff everywhere. Tomorrow I will start loading up bags that didn't sell in Melbourne - so check out my site regularly.

As for the washing machine, I have pulled it all apart, checked taps, filters, etc, but I think its time to call in a professional. Its a 6 year old front loader LG machine - but its computerised. If you are ever thinking of purchasing something computerised in the way of white goods, I would suggest looking at the old fashioned dial and twist turn knobs. We sort of bang and yell at the stupid lights that go on and off. It's really quite annoying. There is washing piled high everywhere as Mum (who minded our house while we went to Melbourne for the week) couldn't work the machine and had friends staying, so there is sheets, towels, etc here and there and we still haven't unpacked our smelly clothes!


magikquilter said...

Our computerised washing machine burned out about two weeks after we bought it and when they fixed it they opened the panel at the top and simply removed the whole electrical panel....it was an empty shell..and replaced it and it worked again. That was six years ago and it is out of warranty now so heres hoping nothing develops. Boy Kara you have a way of describing things....could almost smell the dirty washing. Is it still raining and have you got the fire going yet?

Kara said...

Its a bit warmer today! I am busy uploading totes that didn't sell at Rose Street. I love seeing variety on my site so am a bit of a hog when it comes to selling them. :)

It's sunny today - what a waste when I could be washing!