Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Common Ground

I am just back from afternoon tea at the newly opened Common Ground in Katoomba (Waratah St). This place has been a long time coming with everyone watching it slowly evolve over the years. It is a fantastic set-up with the most wonderful wood and finishes inside.

But the menu is what makes it! These guys have reasonable prices on their menu, an unusual thing to see in the Mountains where everything is driven towards the tourist market. I had a really good coffee and shared the macadamia & apple (gluten free) slice. Mum had a soy berry smoothie that was massive! This only came to about $12.00 all-up.

Common Ground is run by a community called Twelve Tribes and is a little obscure to most of us. I have met these guys previously at the St Ives Art & Craft Fair where they were selling their delicious bread. But I had heard that perhaps they were Mormons or another religious sect, something that could be a little unsettling as they are unknown.

Mum and I got talking to them at the Cafe, and they seemed the nicest bunch of people, just doing their thing but in a more community-based way than most of us. Yes, they are a religious group but don't push it on you. Mum kept commenting on how gorgeous the children were. There seemed to be people working everywhere, with the kids coming by after school.

This eating place has already become such a focal point in Katoomba and I think it will become a highly sought after place as it becomes more and more known. It's in one of the best positions on the street and sitting outside in the afternoon sun was lovely.

I have already decided to drag friends there this Saturday for lunch!


magikquilter said...

Interesting post Kara I learned a few things...looks like their prices reflect their philosophy.

Kara said...

Yes, they are interesting - especially coming from an atheist here!