Monday, March 3, 2008

Fabric mash

I get asked a lot, "What sort of fabrics do you have? Can I see them?" Well, I just took this photo as I have a lot to sort and wanted to show SOME of the fabric.

These 3 garbage bags (front of photo) were scored on Friday. I don't even know how much is in there but it will be my new collection of modern recycled fabric bags. The box on the left hand side is fabrics thrown in randomly, with me thinking that is 'sorted'! I don't even remember what's in there and must pull it all out.

The wardrobe behind shows one side of my vintage fabrics. These have been sorted into 'warm tones' and on the other side of the wardrobe is my 'cool tones'. The photo stops, but it goes on higher up into the cavity of the wardrobe!

Someone had suggested I get a work experience kid in to properly sort everything, including the ridiculous amounts of buttons I have - I just discovered another two cardboard boxes of buttons too... but instead of getting them out, I shuddered and pushed them back into the wardrobe!

Unfortunately, I need more shelving to get it all into some sort of well organised room. I need to go on one of those lifestyle shows which show the before and after shots! (As long as they don't tack fabric to walls or around chairs - shudder!).

5:30pm - done! I have cleaned up my workspace so that everything is neatly folded and I know what's there. 

My dummy has some beautiful beaded trim hanging around her and I have put my vintage ironing board under the window. For some reason I collect old suitcases and hatboxes, but I am thinking they might not be around much longer unless they prove themselves worthwhile.


magikquilter said...

What a job...especially love the dummy..does she have a name?

Kara said...

No, I will have to give her a name! It says she is made in Sydney...