Friday, March 14, 2008

Kara on

It's hard to say if I have been successful on etsy. I don't think so as I have had 12 sales in all in about a year. It is just jam-packed with crafters all selling fabulous things and have been concentrating on madeit instead, which promotes Australian-made anyway.

Tonight I had a good look around etsy and have listed custom made items instead of my already created bags as something a little more unique online there. I wonder if this will make a difference?

Today was spent at the gym, then a fabulous massage (totally indulgent and well worth it), shopping and then lunch and catch up with Kathleen (magikquilter). She had come up especially from Sydney, bringing lovely goodies for me! I gave her a big bag of remnant upholstery fabrics which I hope she can use on some of her fab quilts.

So all-in-all a lovely day-off!


magikquilter said...

Can I ever use them..I think that I may be able to finish off one of the 20 or so quilts I am in process of making.
Slept most of the way back and came back to high drama with a friends daughter. Spent the evening emailing to try to sort things out.
Think I may not eat much today after yesterday...picked up some crispy creme donuts for my som and myself as I went through central...well talking all afternoon burns up a lot of energy.

Alfalfa Crafts said...

I just signed up to a few days ago. I will keep my Etsy page but want to support an Australian site. 5000 pages of bags on Etsy is also a little too much. I started making other things but I mainly make pouches. If a great designer like you can't sell many bags, then what hope do I have.