Monday, March 24, 2008

Melbourne : Saturday

It's been so busy done here in Melbourne! Yesterday was Rose Street Markets. It was quiet but I still did ok and glad to hear some people came specially to the Market to find me. If you haven't been to the market, it's well worth it, just for the food bar alone! I managed to eat a ricotta pastry, good tea and coffee, meatball sandwich with homemade mayonaise and spinach on lebanese bread, and more. Apparently, the Mum of the guys that run it makes all the food.

I didn't buy anything (was very very good) but the market is fantastic. Very good quality stalls and interesting items. Steven bought a fab belt and crazy wallet made from recycled materials.

Thanks to everyone who came down to especially say hello! It's so nice meeting new people and all the designers I've chatted to online but never met.

Last night we went out to meet my long time girlfriend Alex and her friends in Melbourne. We met up at one of the bars in Federation Square (god that place is UGLY) then had dinner at Beer De Luxe which was huge gourmet burgers for around $8 with chips and very expensive international beers. We ate these while sitting outside at night, watching everyone milling around for the Melbourne Comedy Festival, and there was a movie playing on the big screen. Now, you wouldn't get that sort of value in Sydney.

We then headed off to the bar in the Theatre next to the Art Gallery in Southbank. Sam was djing down there and it looked like we were going to go all night when Steven and I flaked and had to head home. Today is breakfast with friends, then lunch with my cousin in the city. Phew!

I bought these Crocs in Wangaratta which are so comfy for $59.95, then checked online at the Crocs store and they retail for $39.95. I have been ripped off! But they are really lovely and very comfortable. So much for saying I'd prefer to buy in a nice little town like that to help the local economy. They certainly saw an idiot heading their way!


Jennifer said...

Hi Kara! I love those crocs! They're great for dusty flea markets and other grimy places cause you can slip 'em off, rinse 'em out, shake 'em off and slip 'em back on! Poof, instant refreshed feet. That's worth a few extra bucks, right?

Anna Laura said...

I'm glad the market went well, it was great talking to you, I could have stayed all day I think! As for the food at Rose Street, it is the best. I had the meatball number last week and it was the best lunch I've had in ages.

I think Fed Square grows on you, I love it now. There is something about it that makes me really happy whenever I see it. Maybe because it is arty and foody, two of my favourite things!

Kara said...

Yes, the crocs are amazing. I have never worn them before!

Rose Street was a great market, I want to come back for more! Im looking at possibly doing Skirts & Shirts market too...


Mich said...

Bugger...I really wanted to come down to the market to meet you kara, I've been a fan of your work for ages.
Instead I spent the morning and early afternoon driving around with hubby and young kids looking at houses.
I'll have to get to some of the outlets where your bags are instead, (until next time).

Hope you had a fab time in Melbourne :D

Kara said...

Thanks Mich!

You can go to...

Arthurs Circus
I Dream A Highway
HUTCH, Preston
Meet Me at Mikes

All of these are in the city!