Monday, March 24, 2008

Melbourne : Sunday

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It's now Sunday night and we are both pooped. Today we raced to meet some friends for breakfast at Fitzroy (Corn & Chive Fritters with bacon, tomato and home-made hot apple chutney, Steven had a huge breakfast that had chat potatoes but didn't think it was as good as his effort the other morning) then raced to the city to meet my cousin Maya and her boyfriend. We couldn't find a cafe in Melbourne that was open, or if it was open it was swarming so we ended up at... Starbucks! How sad for us in a great city like Melbourne!

Then we came home and CRASHED! I have just woken up at 6:30pm and we have decided we are too tired to do another thing. I always get a sad feeling at the end of a trip, and Steven has said the same. So we really should think about trying to book in a couple of days in the next month or so, making sure there is always something fun to look forward to, even if its just camping or something quite cheap.

Melbourne is fantastic, though, if you are thinking of a trip. I highly recommend you choose a normal weekend, not a long / public holiday weekend as the Melbourners all seem to disappear and shut their shops. (What a Sydney-sider I am, assuming all will be open as it usually is at home!)

And yes, we both can see that Melbourne would be a great place to live and run my business from. But it's just another city and we are offered so much in the Blue Mountains too.

Tomorrow morning we head back to Wagga, where we will be staying again (though this time at the City Motel, off the highway, which will not be quite the same as our first night away...)


CurlyPops said...

Sounds like you've had a lovely adventure. Are you going to come back to do another market?

Kara said...

I hope so! I'd like to head down for the National Design Centre market in July and maybe do another Rose Street and/or St Kilda market.