Saturday, March 8, 2008

A smile on my face...

This morning I met with Karen about sewing bags for me. What a lovely lady - so professional and willing to give it a go! I really feel like a huge weight of pressure has been lifted from my shoulders - and look forward to seeing the clutches by her.

This is an important step for me as I cannot do everything here by myself to grow my brand. I also believe strongly in Australian Made, but also locally made. The Blue Mountains has a high unemployment rate so by using Karen's sewing business, we are maintaining our local economy! I would eventually love to be able to take on local apprentices or something... (sigh) these are dreams for the future.

Karen has gone off on her merry way with a huge bundle of recycled fabrics to create clutch purses for me to take down to Melbourne 19-25th March.

I am almost done on my Springboard application. This is due in next Monday (yikes!) and yesterday I received three fabulous references to go with my application. These brought a little tear to my eye as these guys are incredibly supportive. So stay tuned!

Lastly, I got my fabulous, beautiful dress yesterday from Jane Bon Bon from Canada (yes, I know, not Australian Made!). By only measuring myself every which way and emailing to Jane, she has created my ultimate dress. It fits like a dream, very retro and very fun. I highly recommend her - especially for us ladies that make a DD cup look like an A cup!


magikquilter said...

Kara that is great news and very happy your dress arrived. Do you know why your blog date is one day behind? it says Thursday and am sure you did it today Friday.Have a fun weekend see you next week!!!

Kara said...

It's because - like everything - its based in the USA probably!

I should check if I can change it!