Sunday, March 2, 2008

Sunday night

Geez I'm tired, but I still stupidly check my email and get hooked back up into it all! Back from a weekend at Mum's place at Annandale where the family congregated and my Nana gave out her 'Memories' (memoires). Got to babysit my nephew Eli last night and even though he slept soundly, I didn't, constantly thinking he was crying.

I love the drive back home to the Mountains, away from the rat race of Sydney. It still feels very special, as though we are going on holiday. I had such good memories of going to the Mountains as a kid. The house is lovely to come home to, I'm ready for a bath and an early night.

Friday was spent racing around the city on various meetings. I saw the lovely Karie at Marrickville, an independent textiles/interior whizz. Spent 30 mins just on King Street at 2pm trying to get to Rushcutters Bay for a meeting with Angela. I had a lot of fun playing with all their luxurious fabrics.... mmm! I also got a heap of good vintage fabrics from my mum (about 3 garbage bag loads with some of the fabrics I have used in the past which is great!) and a dress dummy from my sister which will be great to use at markets.

Another reason I didn't sleep: I found out I got accepted into the revitalised Rocks Market which will be happening around September this year! Crickey dick! It's very exciting but also has me worried about how to handle all this?!

So... I must get out there and:

1. Post some notices locally looking for sewing whizzes. I am thinking quilting shops (there is a lot of them up here), sewing centres, somewhere Mum's with bubs might be that need pocket money (where would that be?), noticeboards and more. Please, if any of you know of anyone who is a handy sewing person, please get them to contact me. Ideally in the Blue Mountains, but Sydney is ok. They could sew 5 bags a week or 25 or 45.... I just need help!

2. My cousin who heads a large airline has said he will help me with some business management advice which will help so much! 

3. Finish my Springboard application as due date is 10th March (ouch!).

4. Photograph my studio for a magazine.

5. Move forward and stop feeling like I am drowning.

Had such a great chat with Karie about us indie designers out there. We must all band together and look after eachother to make sure we all get through the highs and lows - you go girl!

Any ideas on sewing help are gladly welcomed!


Bec said...

Hi Kara,

I had a thought about finding sewers, specifically the mums with bubs kinds... Maybe you could post on the Essential Baby website. I've actually been posting there on and off since my first pregnancy, and there is actually an EB Sewers group. Some of the ladies there are very good indeed, and it is a national website, so a good chance you may find someone near you...anyway, it may be worth a try. Here is a link to the current EB Sewers thread

- if you don't want to do the whole registering thing to join, I don't mind posting something for you (just tell me what to say). I'm guessing there are probably quite a few other websites for mums that may include forums for mums who sew, that might also be worth checking out (maybe

Anyway, just a thought. Good luck with it!

Kara said...

Thats a great idea Bec! Maybe I will send you something...