Friday, March 21, 2008

Wagga Wagga and on

We are now in Melbourne! Last night we arrived at the beautiful Little Bunda Cottages just outside Wagga Wagga. This cottage was absolutely 5 star and a real treat. We quickly settled in, got the white wine opened and sat on the deck watching the sun set and the cows milling about.

It was hard to leave it! But we wanted to get going. There were more second hand shops and still more driving to get to Melbourne. I had a couple of my appointments and an interview cancelled. A shame, but then I really do need a break so its not too bad!

This gorgeous club lounge (above) was very comfy. The place even came with homemade cookies which I scoffed way too many of.

So Melbourne here we come... we had heard that it was really hot here but its cold and windy. Hmm.... deciding what to eat tonight!

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