Sunday, March 30, 2008

Wild weekend

This weekend has flown and I am about to get on the train to Sydney, ready for Springboard tomorrow. I am a bit nervous I must admit... and haven't 'studied' or anything like that really for about 15 years.

Friday night we had friends over for dinner and it was great fun. Saturday I was going to have a day off... but was a bit nervous so I decided to make myself a new tote for Springboard. It is made from gorgeous chrysanthemum fabric in greys, pinks, blacks and a little blue by Osbourne & Little. This was contrasted with 2 different upholstery fabrics and I used recycled buckles for the handles of the bag. There are a few compartments inside too. I just love it but its much heavier than the other totes I make.

Then I couldn't stop... So I made Sheba scarf - a new development in my range of goodies. This morning I made Leura. These scarves are both coming with me to Springboard over the next few days. I'm really excited about them. Leura has beautiful beading along the bottom of both ends. They are a bit fun and a bit glam!

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