Monday, April 21, 2008

Gym vs winter stodge

Molly handbag - part of exclusive range. This handbag is bigger than my other ones!

I'm off to the gym tonight... Steven has just called to check if I 'really, really' want to go? Of course I don't but the cold up here just entices me to eat lovely stodgy food which sits snugly around my lovely stodgy body! It's TIME!

Today I was not going to work too much as I had worked Saturday (I'm trying to be fair to myself) but yes, I finished up 4 scarves I have been working on, putting buttons on bags and clutches, photographing and uploading. So done now and no break as promised. 

I did get to speak to the lovely Scorja of Bubba Moe about how she started her business (like me, from nothing) and is doing so amazingly well and has sewing whizzes working with her inhouse - such an inspiration. Check out her wonderful babyslings - all made in Australia and top 3 in the world - you go girl!

Appointments in the city tomorrow - blah... hate the driving, the noise and the traffic but gotta do it.


magikquilter said...

When is the next Springboard meeting?
Are you going to keep one of those pretty scarves to showcase your work and winter outfits?

How did Scorja get them to work from her home? There is a new lady on one of our groups who is just starting up from England, using new fabrics, interesting reading her blog backwards!
Let me know when you get time for a coffee or tea break....happy gym time to you both..some quality time together!!!!

Kara said...

Whoops... back from chinese... gym in the morning hopefully!

Bec said...

Oh my - that handbag is divine. Beautiful fabric! I'll have to check out Bubba Moe now. Not that I need slings any more, but boy did I love them when my kids were babies.I had a lovely handmade one that is still now getting use from my sister who just had her little boy. Maybe you can fit in a little time for yourself this week? Even just an hour of doing something totally for you can be restorative. Take care, Bec.