Thursday, April 3, 2008

Here Fido!

I just went outside to see where Nelly had gone (my dog) as she wasn't answering when I whistled. I searched high and low... then turned around to find her here. The cushions have been purposely placed so she can't sit on the couch...

Note dog bed to right of image above!

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Bec said...

He he, well she's nothing if not resourceful! Our dog thinks we don't know that she sleeps on our bed every time we go out. When we get home and park the car under the house we hear her jump off the bed, run down the stairs and out the dog door, and she then comes in and pretends she was outside all the time. The warm spot on the end of the bed is also a giveaway...but it's so sweet and clever I don't have the heart to stop her ;)