Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I want a shop!

The Gussy Up Gals collaborative that I am a part of is beginning to take shape. We are all taking turns to post and get it nicely rounded in time for Winter Magic festival in Katoomba. I have designed the banner and incorporated suggestions from the gals.

At the moment I am snowed under with fabric and jobs to do. Just not enough hours in the day and wondering if I am mad to do all this! As Steven and I had had a look on Sunday at potential shops (dreaming of course), yesterday I just ducked into another real estate to ask a bit more... there are some fabulous ideas, just how do I do it all!?

I have also been invited to be a part of the 2008 Lindesay Christmas Fair at Darling Point in November. This is very exciting!

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Beto said...

ok! i like so much your stetic! you work listening ska music? is great your labour, kisses from argentina, beto