Monday, April 28, 2008

Long weekend

Mirabel bag - exclusive recycled silk weave (above).
Camilla scarf
(below) is a bit cheaper than my normal scarves as she has a tiny dot of rust...

Back from Newcastle yesterday and think I got a bit sick up there from the sun so it was a long drive home. Lovely to be home in the Mountains but its so damn cold!

I have created Mirabel (top) today out of some really beautiful recycled heavy silk upholstery fabrics. And I had created Camilla scarf last week, turned her right way through and bummer - spotted a bit of rust on the underside fabric. I have tried some neat bleach but decided I don't want to risk damaging the fabric so she is retailing at $89.95 AUD instead of $109.95. She should find a nice home with someone that understands old fabrics do have their own bit of history! (She'd be perfect as a Mothers Day gift!).

Has anyone been watching Heidi Klum's 'Project Runway' on digital? Click here to check it out but don't if you don't want to know who the winner is - I just stupidly saw it!

I just love this show and it really inspires me each week. I feel like creating handbags at 10:30pm when it finishes but know that is ridiculous! I wish they would do a show like this for Australian Fashion.

I can't decide who I am going for... Either spacey Elisa who is an artist, or Jillian who was an illustrator for Ralph Lauren, but as I now know who will win it's a bummer!


Anna Laura said...

Ach, I hate when you can't look at websites on shows because it will be spoilt! I always make Gareth get it right after US airing, so I saw it a few months back. I really liked the contenstants. Jillian is a bit of an ice queen, but I LOVE her stuff and that aloof attitude. I know she wouldn't have the time of day for me, but you know, thats okay. If you get a chance watch the Canadian one, it was JUST as good as the US one. Iman hosts it.

Kara said...

Ooh when is the Canadian one on?!!

Anna Laura said...

I don't know when it will air on Pay TV, but it was on in Canada about 7 months ago.

Serena said...

Kara, they are currently working on an Australian Project Runway (via Foxtel channel, Arena). They recently advertised for contestants.

I too am an addict and have taped all four of the US series also.