Monday, April 7, 2008


Zig Zag scarf which I made yesterday - no. 5 in my new collection. I just love the mix of colours and shapes!

Last night I met up with the crafty collective we are starting up here in the Blue Mountains. We decided on a name: Gussy Up Gals. I have just got the blog going for us but stay tuned... it's going to be interesting! We make our debut at Winter Magic this year.

It's getting cold and misty so I think that's gonna be it for the warm weather up here in the Mountains. I have a sniffly, runny nose and potential coldsore which I am sure is from the fun of losing a wallet and life savings last week.

Tomorrow I head to the city til the end of the week for family business. So a good tidy up of my shelves and put some stuff away is in order. Ohhh, maybe even a vacuum!


magikquilter said...

Love your new scarf and thanks for joining my group. Do you mean I have another lovely blog to read? Yummy! As I speak I am sitting among the detritus of my sorting and photographing....yes it looks like the police have been conducting a search...was going to say something else but thought ASIO might be listening in ...or should that be monitoring suspicious blog activity in the craftosphere. Hope your cold does not get any me if you need a break, some good coffee shops in that area.

Kara said...

Thanks, all good but so cold here. Bit sniffly. I will give you a call if Im just sitting around at the hospital with family.

samantha said...

I love your scarf - nice selection of fabrics.

Thanks for commenting on my "I op" post.