Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tonight we are going to see the original Psycho movie at the classic movie night at The Carrington Hotel. It's only $10 which includes free popcorn and you can sit by the fire and watch the movie in big old armchairs. The movie is projected up onto a big screen in one of the old lounge rooms. It's heaven!


magikquilter said...

Well you have got to keep warm somehow but then you have to go out into the cold again...haven't seen that film since I was a teenager.

How are you managing sewing with the cold...can you feel your fingers? I can't remember if you were up there last winter or if this is your first one..they have central heating up there ...like in Europe to combat the cold. Hope you had a good night.xx

Kara said...

We have a slow combustion stove and air con... I just dont like to think it needs to go on first thing in the morning til we go to bed - so expensive!


magikquilter said...

That's why the cenral heating was good when we lived in England, could have a blizzard outside and we only needed the heating on about 6 hours a day.....residual heating and also insulation I guess. It is hard with renting...we have put in draught excluders ourselves on doors etc but it is not enough.