Thursday, April 24, 2008

Scarf frenzy

I just can't stop! I have been making scarves late at night, early in the morning, all the time! It must be cos its so bloody cold here.

Above are three I finished up today and have loaded into my new scarf section. Top is Kendra, middle is Harlequeena and bottom is Sans Suzi. I just love the colour combination on Sans Suzi! All are beautiful fine fabrics that have been salvaged to create unique one-off pieces. Perfect for winter!

Yes, its cold. I finally went out for a walk today with Nelly the dog. She has been itching to get moving and the rain has stopped momentarily so donned my crazy purple shiny wellington boots (with pink soles), wrapped a wooly scarf around my neck and headed off. It's such a beautiful time in the Mountains with all the autumn leaves in reds and golds, big red toadstools popping out from the rain, and the fresh air is just glorious. I feel very lucky to be living in a world heritage spot!

Oh and had a nice cuppa with Freedom and her little girl Zoe who got licked the whole time by Nelly.


Belinda said...

We camped at Oberon last Easter and had a wander in the forest just out of town and saw the most amazing red pine mushrooms. Appartently, lots of europeans come up from Sydney to collect them.

Kara said...

So they are edible? I must find out more so I don't poison myself!

Miss Atomic said...

I LOVE the scarfs Kara! Well done. The colors and combos are wonderful.

Thanks also for the latest post on the crocheted coral reef. Brilliant!