Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Thank you so much to the thief that stole my wallet at Springboard yesterday.

You absolutely ruined the fanastic experience I was in the middle of, learning about sustainability, being environmentally-friendly and recycling. All good things we do in this world, relevant to what my business is all about, and that I am trying to learn.

With me leaving the conference room for only 20-30 mins for lunch (in the foyer - what a hoot - you probably even walked right past!), you walked in and helped yourself to a couple of wallets in the room. Yes, yes, we are just struggling entrepreneurs trying to earn a living and doing something different in the world, but hey, you gotta live too, right?

Within 20 minutes I had lost my lovely wallet, my savings including my partners money, all my cards and personal effects. I just laughed when I learnt you even helped yourself to the very last by finishing up my credit in a store - I just love the feeling of someone stealing your identity and all that I own.

I hope you rot in hell. Your time will come, you piece of scum.


Belinda said...

This is the second post today that someone has had their stuff stolen. what's this world coming too!

I'm so sorry..

Love your new scarves too!

Anna Laura said...

Oh that is the worst thing, what a f%#^knuckle! I know they will get what is coming to them! Makes me very angry.

On a good note, I hope springboard when well, I'm looking forward to hearing a bit about it!

magikquilter said...

Wow that wasn't what I was expecting to see when I checked again to see if you had updated.

Your words just scorched the screen. Is there any leeway with the credit card company for insurance etc to cover that part of it and the bank as well is theft by credit card covered by their insurance? I know the police tell people to cancel everything before they even call the police or anything else. [helped a victim of a robbery outside our unit one night and they said she should not have waited 20 minutes till she got to the police station to call the banks]
Are you at home? Do not know what to say but how sorry that it happened. I guess they are on the look out for conferences etc...saw it on the news recently how people were going to weddings and bah mitzvahs and lifting the gifts and cards with money in them.
So sorry Kara.

Retro Age Vintage Fabrics said...

Oh you poor thing. I have just found your blog and your gorgeous bags and just read of your horrid day yesterday - karma will come back to them, I am sure. You poor thing. I hope this misery passes swiftly, the bank gives you your money back and you get a million dollar order from David Jones or Saks on Fifth Avenue to make you feel better :)

Take care
Retro Age Vintage Fabrics

Kara said...

Thank you everyone! Its the unnerving feeling that someone can open other things with all my ID that makes me so unhappy! I have been advised to go to something called or something similar to put a credit alert on me to see what else they are trying to do.

This is apparently a ring that is well known so its a matter of time. I have been working closely with police and fraud investigation and will ring my own insurance today.

I now use a plastic bag to hold whatever I have (funny for a 'bag' lady)!. If the insurance could buy me a new wallet I'd be pleased. Perhaps I should just rustle up a quick pouch for now!


Bec said...

Oh Kara how crap! I agree with Vanessa - Karma will definitely get them. I hope you manage to sort out something with your credit card/insurance - I thought you could sometimes get the money back from unauthorised credit card purchases? I was really looking forward to hearing about how Springboard went too!