Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday - a time to relax

This morning I woke up coughing and sneezing. Looks like the dreaded cold is making it's round. I got up and shovelled Vitamin C, echineacia and garlic tablets down as well as fresh juice and have crossed my fingers. It's really cold, misty and rainy here today so it didn't seem hard to get under the doona on my fabulous couch and sleep the day away.

We did go to Katoomba and Leura to have a coffee in the morning. I also took it as an opportunity to scout around and look at the shops with the view that maybe one day I can have my own up here. Steven and I looked at all the shops, how they dress them, best positioning, etc. Leura really is better for the tourist trade but I think Katoomba is a little edgier and funkier. Got talking to one shop owner in Katoomba that is moving to find out a few things. It's such a lovely dream...

Above is a photo of a lady sewing in an upholstery shop. Great photo hey?

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Sue said...

Hi Kara, I just found your blog, how clever are you!!! I too live in the mountains,so I'll have to get up to see your stall at the Winter Magic Festival.Love the bags!