Saturday, April 19, 2008

Two fun things!

Today, the wonderfully talented Peta Pledger will be at Skirts & Shirts market at Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne. Head down for some very cool threads!

What else is new?

Biddy bags now do a wonder washer! This is a modern hand crocheted versatile cloth which can be used in different ways: body cloth in the shower, cleaning cloth in the kitchen, dusting, etc. The one above is 100% all natural cotton. You can wash it in your machine for long-term use.

There is also an organic version - great for babies! These wonder washer's come with 100% natural handmade soap, a magnet for your fridge with a picture & story of the lady who made your washer, all bundled in an organza bag. So cute!


magikquilter said...

Okay what is new with did not want to rhyme but could not help it. Has your Peta Pledger dress arrived yet or did I miss that? love your recent scarves and have a few new flickr groups for your glam ones
One of the ladies ho does formal clutches in the group put me on yo them. Thought of you straight away.

Kara said...

Hey there

I haven't got a Peta Pledger dress yet. Maybe when I go down to Melb in July I will get measured up!


magikquilter said...

Oh I thought when you said she measured you up...getting ahead of myself there! Love the design of the shirts and shirts poster.