Friday, May 16, 2008

Get ready cos here I come!

Ok, so today is busy packing and preparing for the 2 day Hope Street Markets at Paddington Town Hall tomorrow. I have created a large 180cm x 120cm recycled wallpaper banner to go up as part of my display as the Hope St gals told us we have a black pinboard - yucko - so I hope this stays up! My wallpaper joins are AWFUL but I'm hoping from a distance it will look interesting.

Above: My name cut out of recycled fine wallpaper as part of the large banner to go behind my stall.

Hope Street specials... you can see that I am offering a lovely price deal on ALL items for Hope Street (great chance to come down, try it all out and find the perfect bag 'n' scarf for you)!

Creating the banner on my dining table. Note the pumpkin as a weight to hold it together!

Some of the great recycled wallpapers I have scored... I'm thinking gorgeous little gift tags for people to purchase - just don't have the time at the moment!

Lovely Simone (who is doing Springboard with me) also sent through a link for a podcast to ABC's Sunday Arts programme that featured fabulous Nicole Cerini - the textile designer/bag extraordinaire. If you get a chance, download the programme (Episode 14) and watch her piece.

Her illustrations of Australian fauna and flora are a delight, and she makes you want to get out there and do all kinds of beautiful work. I just don't like the use of plastic over the bags, but that's because of the environmental impact and my way of thinking.


magikquilter said...

Here I am checking in to see if you survived the weekend and looks like you got hit as well. Hope the tummy has settled down now and that you have plenty of energy for the weekend ahead. See you there!

Kara said...

Thanks K!

Yes, its all a bit hard and surreal, I just can't get going. Steven is helping me but has just called to say he is coming down with a heavy cold, what a laugh the two of us will be all weekend!!