Monday, May 19, 2008

Hope Street was a success!

My stand at Hope Street Markets last weekend. The new venue was fantastic - 60 fantastic Australian designers all under one roof! I think there was something there for everyone...

I also had to do a video interview for Vodaphone... scarey...

The scarves did really well and I wish I'd made more.

While we were at Hope Street Markets for two days, Nelly roamed free up here in the Mountains. She got locked in under the house at night but was beside herself when we got home late last night. Here she is this morning, lying outside in the first available patch of sunlight on this coooold day!

Yesterday I got these two fab cushions from Wife - we did a swap! Nicole is a like-minded soul and sells fabulous recycled and reclaimed items created into something new on Georgielove. Aren't these cushions cute?!


Clarzzy said...


i attended hope street yesterday afternoon with my friend. it was lovely to see your bags in person! i admire the way you select your fabric for each bag!

glad to hear the market was a success for you!

keep it up~~

Clarissa (aka, aishii on etsy)

Bec said...

Congratulations! Your stand looks fabulous - glad to hear it all went wall. And oh boy, those cushions...super gorgeous!

wife. said...

hi kara!

my cushions look lovely on your beautiful couch! thanks for your sweet words too... i showed off my amazing new bag when i got home, everybody loves it, especially me!

it was lovely to meet you and i look forward to crossing paths with you again soon!


Kara said...

Thanks everyone! It was hard work, but had such a good time, met some lovely people and of course, just love all the creativity out there!