Saturday, May 31, 2008

Last of the big weeks

This week is my last big week of mentoring programmes. Sunday (tomorrow), I travel into the city for the last of the Springboard series where we will be learning about finances and the market. Then race back home Monday night for Tuesday night's mini expo for the Stepping Up mentorship programme I am doing as part of the Blue Mountains biznet. Phew!

One thing my lovely mentor Naomi has instilled and encouraged me about... that my business is going great and I don't need to consider retail space for the moment. I really felt that this was something I needed to achieve soon, but she thinks in my first 12 months of business, why take on that hassle and just let it go...

Naomi is business partner of Euphoria hair & beauty in Leura. I wasn't quite sure why I was partnered up with a hair salon? Then Janice, (her partner and mum) did a speech for the mentorees and spoke about being high-end in their field, being environmentally friendly with hair products (ie they don't use harsh chemicals), being aware of the beautiful environment of the Blue Mountains and always trying to make their salon have it's own point-of-difference. Ahhh, that's why!

The last month has been tough preparing for both of these, trying to meet with my mentor AND run a business. Thankfully it's just managing to plod along and I am keen to get back into it all and create some lovely new bags and designs.

I have just left a note on my website, any enquiries about bags please email me, otherwise I shall be back into it all Tuesday/Wednesday.


Anne said...

Hi, thanks for your comment on my blog.

I saw an article in the paper about you and your beautiful bags months ago.....

Wow, what a small world The Blue Mountains is!...... :)

Kara said...

Thanks Anne!