Thursday, May 29, 2008

Recycling to make good

Busy busy busy! I have just finished a custom order (above), Red Madeleine, made out of gorgeous recycled chinese themed cotton. This is going to her new home on Monday. One more custom order to finish this week!


I also thought it might be time to blog a great organisation, MEND. This is a New Zealand based organisation that my uncle Robert Buchanan heads. MEND does amazing work using recycled and discarded parts to create artificial limbs for people in need in third world countries.

The photo above shows a local girl in Nepal using limbs created for her. These limbs use recycled aluminium cans for the molds and this has been selected as a finalist of 12 out of 1000 entries from developing countries to be screened on BBC World. It really goes to show that some simple initiative is all that is needed - not billions of dollars - to get regions working again.

They also assist people with disabilities by providing low-cost mobility equipment and other physio aids that are designed to suit special needs and local conditions. I am amazed to see the artificial limbs my Uncle takes around the world, created from simple discarded items. This also includes wheelchairs made out of old bicycles. They also set up self-help workshops in developing countries to transfer skills, training and technology including sewing.


I thought this might be fun to share with you, as my family are recyclers to the extreme!


robbin said...

you are nice and beautiful girl.
i like it.i hope u always happy and enjoy every drop of life.
my blace.

Bec said...

Wow - your uncle is a pretty amazing guy. What fantastic work! And by the way, that bag is simply gorgeous!!!

John Glover said...

Its amazing how resiliant people can be